The First & Only Combination Locking Tie-Down Strap!

  • All-in-one combo lock and tie-down strap
  • 2 combo locking carabiners on each strap, no keys!
  • The locking carabiners won’t come loose or detach like normal tie-down hooks.
Perfect for tools, powersports, camping, bicycles, sporting goods, boats, and more!

Lockstraps Locking Tie Downs

Ronnie Renner

Red Bull Photofiles

Ronnie Renner on Lockstraps

The Lockstraps are AWESOME!!…. I wish someone came out with them a long time ago. Thanks for protecting my bike!

Learn how Lockstraps can Protect Your Valuables.

Costco Auto

Costco Auto

A lot of us ride and have heard of Lockstraps being the best way to secure a bike or anything else you need to strap together and lock up.

We purchased enough Lockstraps to be delivered with all our displays for the Pilot program. During our Pilot we proved that Lockstraps were the right tool to secure our displays and did not have one incident. The greatest advantage we found with your Lockstraps is that they lock down with a combination lock so no one can remove them and for extra security they have a metal cable inside to prevent thieves from cutting the strap with a knife!

I would like to share that we did have the program approved to roll out nationally and we will be buying a pair of Lockstraps for every powersport display we send to a Costco warehouse to ensure our members and the displays are safe!

Thanks again for the great product!

Director – Powersports
Affinity Development Group

Most Innovative Products 2012 - Motocross Action Magazine

MXA Most Innovative Product 2012

Have you ever sat in a restaurant after a race and wondered if your bike is safe? Lockstraps provide Peace Of Mind.