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If You Are Not Currently Locking Your Valuables, You Need Lockstraps!!

Police Offices say that if it can’t be stolen quickly, it probably won’t. Most theft happens when no one knows that a thief is actually stealing.

90% Of theft is done with just hands. It is done quickly and quietly. A thief will act like something is theirs so that no one would suspect that they are stealing. A lock, changes the game.

Now you can PREVENT THEFT without burdening yourself with cumbersome chains or cables that scratch your valuables and are a pain to use. If a thief really wants your stuff and they have tools, they will probably get it. If you are putting stuff in the back of your truck or trailer, you have to tie it down so why not have it locked up as well?

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Lockstrap your Motorcycle or ATV

Lock Your Motorcycle to Your Camper or RV

Lockstrap your Bicycle

Bicycle Lock

Lockstrap your Boat, Sea Doo, Waverunner, or Jet Ski

Seadoo Waverunner Jetski Lock

Lockstrap your Equipment and Tools

Lockstrap your tools & equipment

Lockstrap your luggage

Luggage Lock

Lockstrap your Snowboard or Skis

Ski and Snowboard Lock

Key points about the Lockstraps

  • No more hooks that can come loose and “pop” off like traditional “S hook” style tie downs.
  • You can change the lock combination whenever to whatever you like.
    We suggest that you put a different combination on the carabiner that attaches to the truck.
  • Security and peace of mind that loads are tied down, secure, and locked up at the same time.
  • The Lockstraps are 8.5 feet long, about 2 feet longer than any other tie down strap.
  • Working load is 500lbs
  • If you tie the strap to itself behind the sliding clasp you can tie it as many times as needed to take up the slack and put the last loop up inside the carabiner….this way no one can loosen it

Extra Security with Lockstraps

Extra Benefits of the Lockstraps that no other strap can offer

The Lockstraps sliding clasp was designed to not slip.

We constructed the teeth in the clasp smaller in the front and progressively larger in the back. This allows the teeth of the sliding clasp to radius into the strap and grip stronger as the strap tries to slip through.

Use the slack for added security

The Lockstraps are long enough that you can take the extra slack (after tightening the strap) and weave it through other items. Just take the loop at the end of the “slack” side of the strap and lock it in the carabiner with the soft tie.

Protect your valuables against anyone loosening the straps

If you are worried about someone loosening the Lockstraps, you can tie the extra slack of the Lockstrap behind the sliding clasp as many times as needed to to get rid of the slack. Then put the last loop of the strap into the carabiner along with the soft tie, this way no one can loosen the “push button” sliding clasp.

Lockstraps are like rolling up the windows of your vehicle.

When you go shopping, do you roll up your windows and lock your doors? Of course you do. We do because it keeps 90% of theft away. We all know how easy it is to break a window. Anything can be broken in seconds if you have the right tools. All we can do is keep the honest people honest.

The Lockstraps in Action


Lockstraps v. Cable Lock

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KTM Road Bike

John Blausey

I bought a pair of your straps before a road trip I had planned. My wife and I rode our motorcycles 2700 miles from Northern CA to UT and back. We went to Moab UT and through many national parks staying at hotels along the way. We used the Lockstraps to secure the bikes and looped the straps around each other to join the bikes making it more difficult to move or put in a truck to steal. During the day we used the Lockstraps to secure our bags to the bikes so we didn’t worry while taking a short hike to see the sights or while at a lunch break. The Lockstraps really gave me peace of mind and worked perfectly everyday.

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your product and proudly affixed a sticker on each side of my bike. I did get questions and was more than happy to show a few people how cool these straps are. I know if someone really wanted my stuff they would find a way to do it but these straps are a great deterrent.

Thanks again for a great product!!


Lockstraps are an awesome product, I have never felt more secure going riding/racing and leaving my bike in my truck. Never again will I use another strap to tie my bike down or secure my stuff in my truck, especially when we are down in Mexico pre running and racing. Thanks!!

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES UNPROTECTED!!, click here to buy the Lockstrap!